Oil/acrylic/watercolour painting   

油畫/塑膠彩畫/水彩畫 (age 15 or above)

Learn to see life more clearly through your own expressions from a classical and artistic approach. No matter it’s your first time to pick up a brush or you had once tried to paint but gave up. It’s your chance now. Learn in a non-intimidating, nonjudgmental and fun environment! You can't go wrong. All that required is a fresh attitude, enthusiasm, and a true desire to learn. So come and play with colors and have fun, and bring home a piece of artwork to be proud of.

學習以古典﹑藝術的角度去表達萬事萬物在自己心中的印象。無論你是第一次鼓起勇氣拾起畫筆,又或者久遠之前畫過但已經放棄良久。好好把握這機會,在這裡,我們提供了一個無壓迫感﹑無人批評﹑歡樂的環境。你可以犯錯,可以隨心所慾,總之,就以一個全新的態度,重拾隱藏在我們每一個人內心對藝術的熱情,對學習的欲望。來吧!!! 讓我們幫你以繽紛的色彩帶來一點歡樂,帶回家屬於你自己親手繪畫的藝術品。


HKD350 / 1 lesson @2.5hrs

HKD1000 / 4 lessons @2.5hrs
1 primed canvas + painting materials are provided.


Art Jam

自助畫 (all ages)

We provide all the essentials you need, set the mood and play the music, while you bring a willingness to relax, be inspired or just be yourself. Then it's time to enjoy a few hours of carefree creativity.

Creativity and visual expression are powerful conduits for awakening personalities, conversation and meaningful interaction.



HKD350 per person/3 hrs
1 primed canvas + painting materials are provided.


Other Special Workshops


Occasionally there will be other workshops held for special theme. Details please refer to Facebook announcement.


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