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Saunders Waterford is a very high quality watercolour paper that can be used for acrylics, drawing, pen and ink, gouache, charcoal and calligraphy. It is made with 100% cotton fibre, gelatine tub sized and is acid free. It is internally starched. As a result, the surface is resistant to fibre lift when removing masking materials. Lines will not feather when pen and ink are used, it will also stand multiple erasures when using pencil or charcoal.
Saunders Waterford is very stable and will have little or no cockling or distortion when soaking or with heavy washes.
Available in 3 surfaces – HP, NOT and ROUGH.


Size: 76cm x 56cm

Saunders Waterford Watercolour 76cm x 56cm 300gsm (1 sheet)

SKU: 10
  • Stock availability online does not reflect availability in-store.

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